Root Synergy Collection

Root Synergy Collection

Presenting collaboration with Gaja Boheme for our Root Synergy collection!

This collection focuses on reconnecting your Root Chakra. It's time to reharmonize!

Healing occurs on many levels. The main ones being - Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spirtitual. These products were handmade individually to target each of these aspects. Combined, they produce a remarkable effect! 

Cleansing Kit:

  • Root Chakra Candle -This is essential to manifesting your goals. Manifest balance, stamina, and courage during the Full Moon and watch your goals come to fruition!
  • Dragon’s Blood Smudge Stick - Coated with Dragon’s Blood resin, this smudge stick shares the same properties as White Sage - intensified! Sage symbolizes protection and healing and is considered to drive out evil and bad luck.

- Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and Fire Agate Crystals & Selenite - Selenite wands serve as crystal smudge stick because of their ability to cleanse all other crystals and your Aura.

Self-Love Kit

Choice of ONE Bracelet

  • Red Jasper and Lava Beaded Bracelet - Wearing this bracelet is one of the best ways of bringing consistent healing, strength, and passion into your life. 
  • Tiger’s Eye and Lava Beaded Bracelet This stone is our favorite to wear, especially during the Mercury Retrograde madness due to its strong protection powers.

- Incense Sticks
- Room Mist - “I am at home, wherever I am.” Stay grounded and relaxed in any space with our “Root Chakra Room Mist” - made with a sensual blend of essential oils to specifically target your Root Chakra. You can also add this to your diffuser!